A Fresh Start

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Hello, 2017! January is here, and that means a fresh new start. A new beginning for adventure, travel, business partnerships and lots of Luca Love! This month I am featuring a lovely stack of 4 bracelets, perfect to wear anywhere this new year takes you!

In reflecting back on 2016, I am thankful for all of the opportunities I have been blessed with, and excited for all of the new adventures to come. I for one, want to make a conscious effort this year to live a healthier and active life. I’m going to start off gradual, adding in a new fitness class once a week and making smarter choices at lunchtime. The really great thing about this stack is it transitions perfectly from the office to the yoga studio, or outdoor walks with my dogs!

Featured bracelets:

- Matteo in Tan - Ahva in Satin - Charmed in Pink - Liana's Mandala in Salmon 

Shop Set: Liana's Mandala & Charmed Set 

Let’s dive in to a little more details of each piece!

Matteo bracelets are made out of real wood! If you leave this bracelet on all of the time, the wood will darken and age, creating a rustic look!

Ahva is one of Luca Love’s top selling bracelets! This is a must-have if you are creating your first stack, or want a signature bracelet you can easily wear everyday.

Charmed in Pink (My personal favorite from this stack) is a classic piece, and has been in the collection from the beginning. As with all Luca-Love bracelets, they are handmade, but this particular bracelet is unique, no two Charmed bracelets are exactly alike! Featuring glass stones, sweet water pearls, and gold filled accents, this bracelet is a beautiful piece of jewelry!

Lastly, the Liana Mandala. This bracelet symbolizes completeness, self-unity, and harmony. With such a wonderful meaning, why wouldn’t you want one around your wrist?

Outfit inspiration: 

All together this stack brings together natural elements with elegant shades of pink. The perfect blend of simplicity and beauty. So whatever your resolution is, or goals for this year, take some Luca Love with you along your journey! These bracelets will not only add style to your everyday looks, but you can trust that the beautiful handcrafted piece around your wrist was made made of quality, and by someone who appreciates you!

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