Jade Eye Bracelet Set

Luca Love Bracelets

Looking for a stunning and meaningful accessory? Look no further! The centerpiece to this set is the Jade Eye Bracelet, made with jade stones and a shimmery Evil Eye Charm.

Although the Evil Eye Charm has become very popular when it comes to accessories, it holds great meaning throughout various cultures. There is a belief that the Evil Eye is a symbol prosperity and protection to the person who wears it.

We matched this bracelet with our new Silver Stacker for a little extra oomph!

  • 2 Macrame Style Bracelets
  • Jade Stones
  • Howlite Stones
  • Thread Color: Platinum
  • Adjustable from 3-5 inches in diameter
  • 100% handmade, therefore slight variations may occur.
  • Luca Love pouch included (per order)

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