Behind Luca Love

Family Values

The Driving Force behind Luca Love is a small Colombian family that has been built on a strong sense of solidarity. The parents; Jorge and Marleny taught their daughters by example, that success and happiness is reached by helping each other. This sense of love and compassion for those around us plays a key role in Luca Love. 



A Social Entrepreneur with big dreams, Paulina is the oldest daughter of the family and Creator of Luca Love Bracelets. After graduating from the University of Houston Bauer College of Business, she decided to create her own route. She wanted to combine her passions and make a difference.  Along with her family, Paulina created Luca Love Bracelets in 2014.



Not only does she take on the role of hands on Mom, Marleny is the Design & Production Director at Luca Love Bracelets. She is in charge of designing each and every Luca Love Bracelet and with lots of love and patience, she teaches each artisan how to recreate her designs. Marleny gets her inspiration from the colors of the season, everyday life and Colombian culture. After going to the local market to stock up on material, she comes back home to her workshop and makes her ideas come to life. 







Junior in International Business at EAFIT University in Medellin and youngest sister, Daniela takes on the role of Social Marketing Director. Her vibrant personality and artistic eye come together to share our story to the public. At a young age she is passionate about dedicating her life's work to helping others and wants to achieve this through Luca Love.






Luca Love comes from the name Luis Carlos. Luis Carlos was a hard working, passionate, loving man who dedicated his whole life to helping others. He was always kind, and never turned down anyone who needed his help. Luis Carlos was an Uncle and a second father figure to Paulina & Daniela while growing up. They always admired his big heart and the way he would treat everyone as if they were family. Unfortunately, Luis Carlos passed away from Lung Cancer in 2011. His death was a loss very close to heart, but with the help of Luca Love his message of love for others will continue to live on.