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5 Year Anniversary

5 Year Anniversary


5 years. It seems like a lot and hardly enough at the same time. Either way, this milestone is a blessing.

Luca Love started with 20 bracelets and a big dream. At the beginning we weren't exactly sure how we were going to make an impact or how this dream would unfold. However, with hard work, time, faith and unending passion the path became more and more clear.

When Luca started we only had a two artisans. Also, we hadn't defined how to give back beyond creating employment. Each month we picked a different cause to donate a percentage of our sales to. Throughout this time we bought blankets for the homeless in Houston, sent special needs kids and elderly to visit the ocean for the first time, and supported families who needed medical funds to name a few.

In 2016 we decided to dedicate our giving back program to a specific group: underprivileged kids. In October of that year Luca Love began the first classes of our free English program in rural Marinilla, Colombia. Not only does a group of kids get the opportunity to learn a new language that will open doors for them, but they gain a family that believes in them and teaches them to dream big!

On this 5th birthday we look back at all we have achieved and all we can say is THANK YOU.

  • Luca Love now has 9 artisans.
  • We built our very own English classroom. Classes are held twice a week. We have witnessed how our program has benefited the students and it is truly priceless.
  • We fully sponsored Isabel's education in order for her to become a teacher (our first artisan).
  • We went from producing 20 bracelets to an average of 800 bracelets per collection.
  • We have created a global community that supports each other beyond borders.

Luca Love is a family united, and despite the distance we are connected and woven together to create something beautiful and meaningful. When you wear your Luca Love remember this symbolism. It is way more than just a pretty bracelet.

We look forward to many more years and hope to continue unfolding what this path has in store for us. We truly believe we are capable of creating many more great things!

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