- Of course! All of our bracelets have a 6 month warranty. We will replace or fix the damaged item within six months from the time of purchase. To get a replacement or repair email us at contact@luca-love.com and send us your name, shipping address, order number (if available) and a picture of your damaged item. We can't help out if the bracelet has been altered, lost or stolen.

Ooops! We got the wrong bracelets. What now?
- Mistakes happen. We are sorry for the inconvenience but we can solve your issue asap! Send us an email to contact@luca-love.com with the details.


Can I get my bracelets wet?
- We don't recommend always getting them wet because they are made out of thread. With a lot of water exposure  throughout time, the bracelet is more likely to damage. The majority of our metals are gold or silver plated, stainless steel, zamak or natural stones and can be cleaned with a soft rag or cloth. 


Where are the bracelets made?
- Every Luca Love bracelet is handmade in Medellin, Colombia. More specifically: Rionegro, Antioquia.

Where is the English program?
- Our English classes are held 2-3 times a week in a rural community named La Esmeralda in Marinilla, Colombia.

Does Luca Love receive donations?
- We are not a non-profit. Luca Love is a business with a social focus. We are a for profit organization that is passionate about giving back. We use our bracelet sales to make an impact and don't depend on donations or funding from other organizations.

Does Luca Love offer wholesale or fundraising bracelets?
- Yes! Send us an email at contact@luac-love.com telling us all about it! We will respond with our options.

Are there any Collaboration opportunities?
- If you are an influencer, blogger, writer or have an awesome collab idea send us an email at contact@luca-love.com please include your media outlets, usernames and ideas.