A Fresh Start

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Hello, 2017! January is here, and that means a fresh new start. A new beginning for adventure, travel, business partnerships and lots of Luca Love! This month I am featuring a lovely stack of 4 bracelets, perfect to wear anywhere this new year takes you!

In reflecting back on 2016, I am thankful for all of the opportunities I have been blessed with, and excited for all of the new adventures to come. I for one, want to make a conscious effort this year to live a healthier and active life. I’m going to start off gradual, adding in a new fitness class once a week and making smarter choices at lunchtime. The really great thing about this stack is it transitions perfectly from the office to the yoga studio, or outdoor walks with my dogs!

Featured bracelets:

- Matteo in Tan - Ahva in Satin - Charmed in Pink - Liana's Mandala in Salmon 

Shop Set: Liana's Mandala & Charmed Set 

Let’s dive in to a little more details of each piece!

Matteo bracelets are made out of real wood! If you leave this bracelet on all of the time, the wood will darken and age, creating a rustic look!

Ahva is one of Luca Love’s top selling bracelets! This is a must-have if you are creating your first stack, or want a signature bracelet you can easily wear everyday.

Charmed in Pink (My personal favorite from this stack) is a classic piece, and has been in the collection from the beginning. As with all Luca-Love bracelets, they are handmade, but this particular bracelet is unique, no two Charmed bracelets are exactly alike! Featuring glass stones, sweet water pearls, and gold filled accents, this bracelet is a beautiful piece of jewelry!

Lastly, the Liana Mandala. This bracelet symbolizes completeness, self-unity, and harmony. With such a wonderful meaning, why wouldn’t you want one around your wrist?

Outfit inspiration: 

All together this stack brings together natural elements with elegant shades of pink. The perfect blend of simplicity and beauty. So whatever your resolution is, or goals for this year, take some Luca Love with you along your journey! These bracelets will not only add style to your everyday looks, but you can trust that the beautiful handcrafted piece around your wrist was made made of quality, and by someone who appreciates you!

Don't forget to shop using discount code: REDRHINESTONE at checkout to receive 20% OFF your order!

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December DIY Gifting Made Easy!

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When this time of year comes around, the pressure of giving the perfect gift comes to mind. Every year, I try my best to plan the perfect gift to give each and every one on my list. This can get a little stressful and bring on a few sleepless nights, but seeing the smiling faces on the recipients makes it all worth the while! Here I have gathered up a few creative, and easy ways to gift Luca Love Bracelets to all of your loved ones this year! 

No matter the age, Luca Love bracelets make the perfect gift, that you can in turn feel genuinely good about gifting! But, how should you wrap them? What else can you give with them? How can the gift look fun? Lets get started!

Gift 1 Special Delivery

This packaging is perfect for children and animal lovers alike! 

All you need is:

I simply placed the bracelets in the boxes and tied the boxes onto the toy animals backs with the twine and voila! This gift option is complete! 

Gift 2 Candy Jar

Perfect for Teachers, best friends, or anyone who loves style and sweets! 

All you need:

For this cute and easy present; just pour your selected candy into the mason jar, slide the bracelets around the outside, and add some ribbon for garnishment. 

Gift 3 Welcome Home

This gift is perfect young adults, newlyweds, homeowners etc. 

All you have to do for this gift is wrap the bracelets around the top coaster, and to garnish, I placed the stack in cellophane and tied with curling ribbon. 

Gift 4 Personal Wrap

If you want to keep it simple but personalized, try your hand at decorating your own gift wrap! 

All you need:

Here I decorated the craft paper with polka dots using paint and added a strip of plaid scrap-booking paper for accent. I tied it all together with a twine bow and that's it! 

I hope these gifting ideas help boost your creativity, and get you inspired! Just remember it is always the thought that counts. Adding personal touches to your gifts makes them that much more special, and the bracelets inside are just as wonderful as all of the hard work and thoughtfulness you put into the packaging. For each bracelet was handmade by someone who is just as thankful for you purchasing it as your recipient will be to receive it. 

Enjoy this holiday season, give from the heart, and share the Luca Love

 Another glance at the featured bracelets:

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How We Made a Change this Christmas!

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With your purchase this Christmas, you spread joy all around! Thanks to you, Luca Love was able to work with two different rural communities and help provide Christmas gifts to children from low income families. 

The first community we had the chance to help out was a school where Luca Love gives English classes. We all got together in Christmas celebration! There was lots of food and love to go around after the celebration of a mass. The smaller children recieved toys while the older ones recieved clothing. It was a rainy afternoon but that didn't stop us from having some fun!

Happy with his new toy truck! This little one shows his gift to his parents.

Say Cheese! The Kids at the school were loving to get their picture taken.

Not only do we help give presents, The Luca Love Family participates in the events and spends time with the Kids. 


The second Community we visited was in a rural area were families who lived there got together to do the "Novena" which is a Catholic Christmas tradition of praying, singing, eating and spending time together  for nine days before Christmas Day. Here, kids got a fuzzy blanket and toys as their gift. 


Here Jorge and Marleny (Parents of the Luca Love Family) taking the presents to the car to be delivered.

The kids were happy to participate in the celebration of the Novena. 

Marisol who is a Luca Love Artisan played a big part in making all of this happen, she was key in organizing this event!


Luca Love couldn't have done this without your help! We hope you and your family had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. Lets continue to make a change together 2017!




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Inside Bauer Magazine

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November - Styled Stack of the Month & Giving Thanks

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November is a very special month. It is a time when families come together, reflect, and give thanks. As a consumer, we sometimes take for granted the hard work that is put into the goods we purchase. Every bracelet from Luca-Love is handmade with care, and as thankful as the artisan is for the opportunity of employment, I am thankful for the beautiful accessory, and the message it represents. In turn, I am equally thankful for my ability to spread the word through style. Because of this, I wanted November would be the perfect time to spotlight a beautifully elegant stack focused on a subtle reminder for thinking of others.

The bracelets highlighted this month include: 

This beautiful macramé stack is delicate, and easily transitions with your wardrobe. The subtle gold tones create a rich backdrop for the neutral adjustable bands. The palette will pair effortlessly with your favorite cold weather essentials and fall wardrobe. I was inspired by the versatility of this stack, and decided to style a casual and dressy look to pair them with.


Because November is all about plaids, warm tones, and layering, I have chosen a lightweight caramel sweater, military green drawstring vest, plaid blanket scarf, dark wash denim, and warm faux Sherpa booties. This is the perfect casual day-to-day look; whether you are running errands for the big family feast, attending classes, or meeting with friends this look is sure to be a winner!



The next look I have styled for this month is a golden swiss dot chiffon dress with a chic 70’s silhouette, tall boots, and a matching handbag. This look is great for family get-togethers and when the temperatures drop, will look excellent with a faux fur vest or jacket!  



As you can see, the bracelets flow effortlessly with both looks, creating a subtle statement and adding the perfect finishing touch whether they are dressed up or down.

Palette color suggestions for this month include:

          • Golden hues
          • Neutrals and ivory
          • Warm shades of blue
          • Terracotta 

Along with these colors, I recommend plaids, embellished layering pieces, and textured knits.

During the month of November when I look down at my wrist and see this stack, it stands for a reminder of what all I am thankful for– for the wonderful opportunities that I have been presented with this year, great friends, my health and wellness, along with a reminder to always look for ways to help others. This simple, beautiful item can stand for so much...what will it stand for, for you? Happy Holidays! 



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Bay Area Nutcracker Market

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Join us this weekend at The Bay Area Nutcracker Market! 

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Fall Fashion 2016

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October has arrived, and fall is in full swing. The air is crisp and the leaves have begun to change color. As you pull out your cherished boots and light layering pieces, we will show you the perfect macramé bracelets to complete your look!

 This month we were inspired by the warm tones of fall and have put together two great looks for you! These stacks are sure to inspire you to ring in the season and truly embrace all that fall has to offer.

The bracelets featured in this month’s stacks include:

 Look #1
Sara in Peacock Gold in Blue 
Paloma Gold in Maroon

Look #2
Kara in Pearl
Paloma in Peacock Blue & Gold
Paola in Terracotta
Lucia in Maroon & Gold

 This warm palette consisting of brass and gold tones, feather designs and turquoise beads literally wrap the season around your wrist!

Each unique stack of Luca Love Bracelets will pair perfectly with your favorite chunky knit sweater or cardigan. Here we have paired look one with an olive button down, dark wash denim, camel faux leather, and an ornate floral infinity scarf.

Look two is perfect for those cooler days comprised of a chunky knit poncho in striped orange hues, denim, and camel faux leather tones.

If you are looking for your perfect pairing palette we suggest:
 Ivory and creams
Butterscotch and amber tones
Hues of brown
 We also recommend:
 Solids, tribal/Southwestern inspired prints, denim and of course, your favorite fall boots!

Whether you are carving a pumpkin, running day-to-day errands or working your 9-5, these stacks will complement your fall attire to a “T”. Reminding you that a simple touch can make a huge difference. (Not only to your #ootd, but to someone in need)

  Blog piece written by the wonderful Haley Freytag
Creator of Redrhinestone fashion & lifestyle blog.
Receive 20% OFF when you use discount code: Redrhinestone
at checkout. 

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