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5 Year Anniversary

  5 years. It seems like a lot and hardly enough at the same time. Either way, this milestone is a blessing. Luca Love started with 20 bracelets and a big dream. At the beginning we weren't exactl...
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2018 Recap

What we have been up to: Re-branding: We have upgraded our image! Luca Love added a new and amazing member to the team. Cristina Fontan is our talented graphic designer. She created a beauti...
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Halloween with Luca Love

This year we celebrated Halloween with the kids from Luca Love's English classes. Our goal was to have fun, connect, teach them about the holiday, and show how we celebrate it in the States! K...
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  Houston is the home of Luca Love. As many of you know Hurricane Harvey came and caused great damage to our city. However, the unity and strength of the people of Houston and surrounding areas has...
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December DIY Gifting Made Easy!

When this time of year comes around, the pressure of giving the perfect gift comes to mind. Every year, I try my best to plan the perfect gift to give each and every one on my list. This can get a ...
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How We Made a Change this Christmas!

With your purchase this Christmas, you spread joy all around! Thanks to you, Luca Love was able to work with two different rural communities and help provide Christmas gifts to children from low in...
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Meet the heart behind Luca Love

In a age when profits and bottom lines are a company's measure of success, rarely do we find a company whose idea of success is having a positive impact on the world. Get ready to restore your fai...
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