2018 Recap

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What we have been up to:
  • Re-branding: We have upgraded our image! Luca Love added a new and amazing member to the team. Cristina Fontan is our talented graphic designer. She created a beautiful representation of our brand and vibe. Our pop-up ups are looking good too! We have new custom displays, new banner and marketing materials. When you come to our booth we want you to get a small taste of Colombia and connect with our mission to Be The Change! 


  • Materials: We have improved the materials we use in our bracelets. We are now including bracelets with metals made in stainless steel, rhodium, true silver, gold and silver plated. Also, beautiful natural stones, minerals and crystals have been added to our collection! From Agate to Zirconia. Keep an eye out for our winter collection!

  • Artisans: More amazing artisans have been added to our Luca Love family. Our team now includes: Isabel, Marisol, Camila, Marleny, Nohemi, Sandrita, Carolina, Sandra, Flor and Elizabeth. We are working on an artisan page and blog to introduce them and their stories. Stay posted! 

  • Best for Last! Our very own English classroom: We have been working on building our very own English classroom in Colombia since the beginning of the year. As you know, Luca Love funds an English program in rural Marinilla, Antioquia (Colombia). Our program is currently established for the kids in the village of La Esmeralda.  We have been borrowing a classroom for the past year and we are ready for our own learning space. Luca Love is very excited to have the classroom inauguration in January 2019.

With all these changes we hope to grow even bigger and better! Every bracelet has been a building block to our future. Your purchase has and continues to support women empowerment, employment opportunities and global education.

You guys are awesome!

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Halloween with Luca Love

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This year we celebrated Halloween with the kids from Luca Love's English classes.
Our goal was to have fun, connect, teach them about the holiday,
and show how we celebrate it in the States!
Keep scrolling to see some of the day's activities.
We started the day off by making monster craft puppets out of brown paper bags!
Here is Mom & Luca designer doing what she loves most <3
Sonia Lopez is our go-to girl for activities in Colombia. She is the best with kids!
The end result of one of our students.Too cute!
We then played a trivia game in English about the origins of Halloween. The kids had no clue where the tradition came from and were surprised to find out how it came about. 
This is Daniela (aka sister) asking trivia questions and helping them with their English accent.
To wrap up the day, we gave out a goodie bag full of candies to each of the kids!
We had an awesome time
We thank each and every one of you who believe in our mission.
Thank you for creating connections with kids who live in a remote area.
You give them the opportunity to experience and learn more!
Let's continue to spread the LOVE!

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Houston is the home of Luca Love. As many of you know Hurricane Harvey came and caused great damage to our city. However, the unity and strength of the people of Houston and surrounding areas has only grown stronger.

Love, compassion and faith hold us together.
These are the tools we use rebuild our city.

 New Hope Church is collecting funds to help those in our city who have experienced damage to their home or have great financial needs because of this storm. The New Hope Church has been of great support to Luca Love and we will be donating 100% of profits from our bracelet sales to their relief fund. To learn more or to donate directly to their relief funds Click Here



Every week we stand outside the doors of Texas Roadhouse in Pasadena with our Pop-up shop. This restaurant is a giant family and it is awesome to see their continuous support for the community. 

THANK YOU to all of the rescue teams, businesses, communities and individuals that have come together to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

This is how we BE THE CHANGE


Want to learn on other ways to help out? Check out this link by NPR.ORG


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December DIY Gifting Made Easy!

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When this time of year comes around, the pressure of giving the perfect gift comes to mind. Every year, I try my best to plan the perfect gift to give each and every one on my list. This can get a little stressful and bring on a few sleepless nights, but seeing the smiling faces on the recipients makes it all worth the while! Here I have gathered up a few creative, and easy ways to gift Luca Love Bracelets to all of your loved ones this year! 

No matter the age, Luca Love bracelets make the perfect gift, that you can in turn feel genuinely good about gifting! But, how should you wrap them? What else can you give with them? How can the gift look fun? Lets get started!

Gift 1 Special Delivery

This packaging is perfect for children and animal lovers alike! 

All you need is:

I simply placed the bracelets in the boxes and tied the boxes onto the toy animals backs with the twine and voila! This gift option is complete! 

Gift 2 Candy Jar

Perfect for Teachers, best friends, or anyone who loves style and sweets! 

All you need:

For this cute and easy present; just pour your selected candy into the mason jar, slide the bracelets around the outside, and add some ribbon for garnishment. 

Gift 3 Welcome Home

This gift is perfect young adults, newlyweds, homeowners etc. 

All you have to do for this gift is wrap the bracelets around the top coaster, and to garnish, I placed the stack in cellophane and tied with curling ribbon. 

Gift 4 Personal Wrap

If you want to keep it simple but personalized, try your hand at decorating your own gift wrap! 

All you need:

Here I decorated the craft paper with polka dots using paint and added a strip of plaid scrap-booking paper for accent. I tied it all together with a twine bow and that's it! 

I hope these gifting ideas help boost your creativity, and get you inspired! Just remember it is always the thought that counts. Adding personal touches to your gifts makes them that much more special, and the bracelets inside are just as wonderful as all of the hard work and thoughtfulness you put into the packaging. For each bracelet was handmade by someone who is just as thankful for you purchasing it as your recipient will be to receive it. 

Enjoy this holiday season, give from the heart, and share the Luca Love

 Another glance at the featured bracelets:

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How We Made a Change this Christmas!

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With your purchase this Christmas, you spread joy all around! Thanks to you, Luca Love was able to work with two different rural communities and help provide Christmas gifts to children from low income families. 

The first community we had the chance to help out was a school where Luca Love gives English classes. We all got together in Christmas celebration! There was lots of food and love to go around after the celebration of a mass. The smaller children recieved toys while the older ones recieved clothing. It was a rainy afternoon but that didn't stop us from having some fun!

Happy with his new toy truck! This little one shows his gift to his parents.

Say Cheese! The Kids at the school were loving to get their picture taken.

Not only do we help give presents, The Luca Love Family participates in the events and spends time with the Kids. 


The second Community we visited was in a rural area were families who lived there got together to do the "Novena" which is a Catholic Christmas tradition of praying, singing, eating and spending time together  for nine days before Christmas Day. Here, kids got a fuzzy blanket and toys as their gift. 


Here Jorge and Marleny (Parents of the Luca Love Family) taking the presents to the car to be delivered.

The kids were happy to participate in the celebration of the Novena. 

Marisol who is a Luca Love Artisan played a big part in making all of this happen, she was key in organizing this event!


Luca Love couldn't have done this without your help! We hope you and your family had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. Lets continue to make a change together 2017!




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Inside Bauer Magazine

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Meet the heart behind Luca Love

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In a age when profits and bottom lines are a company's measure of success, rarely do we find a company whose idea of success is having a positive impact on the world. Get ready to restore your faith in humanity. Meet Marleny and Paulina, a mother daughter duo, who envisioned a company that not only provides jobs but also assistance to those in need. They imagined a world one could be proud to be living in and the passion to create a company whose sole purpose is helping others. The effort that Marleny and Paulina have put into their mission can only be described as love, Luca Love. 
Paulina was born in Houston, Texas, but her family has deep roots in Colombia. Her parents, Marleny and Jorge, were born and raised in Colombia, and while they loved their country, they wanted better opportunities for their family. Growing up, Paulina was no stranger to her parents' true home. Every summer, her and her family would travel back and forth between Colombia and Houston, and she always considered both places home. During her high school years, her parents decided  they were ready to go back to Colombia and stay. However 4 years later, Paulina decided to attend college in The States. She graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Houston Bauer College of Business, but she craved something more.
In 2011, Paulina lost her uncle Luis Carlos to cancer. He was like a father figure to her while  growing up. She had to so much respect and admiration for her uncle's way of life by helping others and treating everyone as if they were family. His death was her first loss of someone very close to her heart, and she knew that her uncle's love for others was something she wanted to carry on.
While attending college the summer of 2012, Paulina went to Southeast Asia to study abroad. The trip focused on the concept of Microfinance and helping others through business. It was a huge life changing experience for her. She got to learn how she could take matters into her own hands and help create opportunities to those less fortunate. After that trip, she would catch herself day dreaming about one day doing the same things for both of her homes, Houston and Colombia.
Once she graduated in 2014, Paulina was on a mission to find a career that she could feel passionate about and something that her uncle would be proud of. After many interviews and job offers she didn't have the heart to accept, she took a leap of faith and started something truly inspiring all on her own.
While both of her parents were retired and living in Colombia, Paulina flew back to talk to her mom about her idea of creating something that not only she could make a career out of, but something she could do that would live out the memory of Luis Carlos. After much convincing and many jokes about Paulina being crazy, her parents, being the amazing people they are, gave her their full support. That same week, Paulina and her mom, Marleny, took their first Macrame class together (macrame is the technique used to make all Luca Love's signature bracelets).
When Paulina flew back to Houston, she brought back  batch of 20 bracelets she and Marleny had made. In one night at her waitressing job, she had sold every single one. After that, the word about the Colombian-made bracelets spread quickly, and she was getting more and more requests about them. Paulina called her mom and asked if she was ready to start teaching others how to make the bracelets. Right before her eyes, she was doing what she was set out to do; helping others help themselves by creating employment to those less fortunate.
Marleny was on a mission. She wanted to find someone deserving; someone who didn't have the same opportunities as most. A woman who was the head of her household that had mouths to feed, but somehow could never make ends meet, a woman who needed help financially to provide education for there children, or a student who didn't have the money to continue their studies.
Marleny designs the style of each bracelet. She gets her inspiration from many different aspects; the colors of the season, current trends, nature, styles that are suited for all ages, she even claims that some of her ideas have come to her in her sleep. Marley keeps all these things in mind when she is shopping at local Colombian markets for all the material needed to create each and every bracelet. Once buying her material, she then sits down, brings all her designs together and makes each idea come to life.
Being able to help people who truly need it with Luca Love's Monthly Cause and building opportunities of employment to those in need is the most gratifying feeling to Marleny. It's also exciting to her when she witnesses how the sale of even one bracelet is helping those less fortunate.
Marley's biggest wish for Luca Love is for God to let her reach her goal to one day open a workshop and be able to employ many more woman in need. She wishes to see Luca Love world wide and be able to make more opportunities to the people who need it the most and that way make their life a bit easier.
Luca Love has been and continues to be a blessing in many people's lives. Luca Love has helped many organizations in its first year and continues to do so every month.
"What inspired me to create Luca Love was the concept of helping others help themselves, I'd like to give an opportunity to those who want to succeed through education and employment, but don't have the means to do so. I don't want to just sell a bracelet, I want to sell the purpose. "  
- Paulina Tobon

In Loving Memory of Luis Carlos Marulanda
Te queremos mucho Caliche!

A special thanks to Katie McLearen and Brenda Zapata for putting this blog together.

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