Luca Love is a company that creates opportunities of employment and education to those people and communities that need it most. By teaching low income women from Colombia how to hand-craft macrame style bracelets, Luca Love aims to provide the tools and support that will empower each artisan to reach their dreams.

We sell unique handcrafted bracelets and accessories. When you purchase our handmade bracelets you are providing an opportunity of employment to women who struggle to support themselves and their families in Colombia. 

Our mission is to provide those in need with the necessary tools to make a significant and positive change in their own lives and in the lives of those around them. By donating and distributing essential necessities, founding education projects in high poverty areas, and providing employment with a fair wage to those in need, Luca Love aims to expand social conscience and be a source of assistance and opportunity.

We are convinced that each of us holds the capability to change and improve the world, and we want to serve as facilitators for this change.
We want to thank those who share our ideals for being the stars of this change. The support that you guys give us is a direct source of positivity in the lives of many who need it the most.

Be sure to check our charity blog to learn about our latest initiatives. For any charity suggestions, questions, or comments, shoot us an email at contact@luca-love.com.