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We believe in the talent of our people and strive to become a platform for their work to be known around the world. 

All of our handmade products are crafted by highly skilled artisan women in Medellin, Colombia. We’ve taught each of these women how to recreate our pieces and they have taken this skill and made it their own. 

Our artisans work from home and are provided with all the tools and materials they need to produce small batches of our jewelry.

Meet the Artisans

Their attention to detail is immediately translated into the beauty of their work and we could not be more grateful to have such an amazing team.


 When she's not working on her craft, you can find her shredding up the basketball court and spending time with her kids. " I make every single piece with love because I know someone around the world is going to receive it."


 She loves long walks and playing with her dog. An absolute perfectionist, she believes the magic is in the details. - "It's been incredibly fulfilling to see how my pieces can create such a big impact in the lives of others."


In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family and two sons. She's passionate about her craftsmanship and artisan work and hopes to continue growing as an artisan.