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How We Made a Change this Christmas!

How We Made a Change this Christmas!

With your purchase this Christmas, you spread joy all around! Thanks to you, Luca Love was able to work with two different rural communities and help provide Christmas gifts to children from low income families. 

The first community we had the chance to help out was a school where Luca Love gives English classes. We all got together in Christmas celebration! There was lots of food and love to go around after the celebration of a mass. The smaller children recieved toys while the older ones recieved clothing. It was a rainy afternoon but that didn't stop us from having some fun!

Happy with his new toy truck! This little one shows his gift to his parents.

Say Cheese! The Kids at the school were loving to get their picture taken.

Not only do we help give presents, The Luca Love Family participates in the events and spends time with the Kids. 


The second Community we visited was in a rural area were families who lived there got together to do the "Novena" which is a Catholic Christmas tradition of praying, singing, eating and spending time together  for nine days before Christmas Day. Here, kids got a fuzzy blanket and toys as their gift. 


Here Jorge and Marleny (Parents of the Luca Love Family) taking the presents to the car to be delivered.

The kids were happy to participate in the celebration of the Novena. 

Marisol who is a Luca Love Artisan played a big part in making all of this happen, she was key in organizing this event!


Luca Love couldn't have done this without your help! We hope you and your family had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. Lets continue to make a change together 2017!




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