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Halloween with Luca Love

This year we celebrated Halloween with the kids from Luca Love's English classes.
Our goal was to have fun, connect, teach them about the holiday,
and show how we celebrate it in the States!
Keep scrolling to see some of the day's activities.
We started the day off by making monster craft puppets out of brown paper bags!
Here is Mom & Luca designer doing what she loves most <3
Sonia Lopez is our go-to girl for activities in Colombia. She is the best with kids!
The end result of one of our students.Too cute!
We then played a trivia game in English about the origins of Halloween. The kids had no clue where the tradition came from and were surprised to find out how it came about. 
This is Daniela (aka sister) asking trivia questions and helping them with their English accent.
To wrap up the day, we gave out a goodie bag full of candies to each of the kids!
We had an awesome time
We thank each and every one of you who believe in our mission.
Thank you for creating connections with kids who live in a remote area.
You give them the opportunity to experience and learn more!
Let's continue to spread the LOVE!
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