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How to Make a Vision Board

To plan and focus on what we want doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, it can be fun! Making a vision board is a creative way to remind ourselves of the things we want to achieve.

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is basically a DIY poster or collage where you display your dreams and goals. You can make a vision board around any area of your life and set fulfillment dates in a month, a year or whatever time you like. 

Your vision board should be placed in a visible spot that you can see daily. This can be your bathroom mirror, your desk, behind your bedroom door, etc. The idea behind making a vision board is that you are constantly being reminded of the life you want. The decisions and efforts you make during the day will be based upon the things you envision for yourself. 

What you'll need:

  • Sheets of Paper (Any kind and size you’d like) 
  • Scissors 
  • Old Magazines or Newspapers
  • Glue
  • Colors and Markers 

Begin by gaining clarity on what it is you are happy with. Then focus on areas you can improve or what you wish to gain in each area of your life. Write all of it down!

We recommend dividing your board into 6 areas: 

  • Health: How are you taking care of your body? Maybe you are happy with your current diet but want to eat less sugar. Maybe there is a new sport you want to practice or an old gym membership you want to start using again. Anything health related goes here.
  • Professional: We all want to have a fulfilling and meaningful career. Use this board not only for your work life but also for skills you want to gain and things you want to learn. Maybe you want a raise or a promotion? Maybe you want to start your own project or even change careers completely! Also, think about new things you want to learn, books you want to read or seminars you want to go to.
  • Relationships: This area is key for our personal growth and mental health. Look back on your current relationships. Is there a family member that you wish you were closer to? Or maybe you want to make some new friends. In our fast-paced life remember to make time for connections. 
  • Spiritual: Mental health is just as important as your physical health. Think about activities or practices that you want to start incorporating to nourish your soul. We recommend things such as spending some time a week out in nature, incorporating meditation or setting some time in your day where no technology is allowed. 
  • Material/Financial: Material things aren’t everything but it is nice to pamper ourselves here and there, especially if the things we buy will give us a better quality of life. Think about the new exercise sneakers you need or the old computer you want to switch up. You can also add anything intangible like a nice massage or keeping your hair and nails done throughout the year. Finances are also an important area we need to maintain. We can set goals to create a budget or desired dollar amount for our savings account. How about pay off pesky debt?
  • Experiences: Oh, the places we'll go! Traveling and creating memories is also very important. We all have a musical we have been wanting to go watch, that ski trip we want to take or that city we want to visit. Dare to explore and live a life of adventure!

After reviewing the 6 areas and writing down your goals comes the fun part! At the top of each sheet of paper, write a title for every one of the previous areas. One sheet for health, one for relationships, one for experiences and so on. 

Go through your magazines and newspapers and cut out anything that symbolizes the things you want for your life. Glue your cut-out images onto their corresponding sheet. If you have a printer, you can be more specific and print out images of your dream car, your dream vacation or that seminar you’ve been wanting to go to!

After you’ve filled up each sheet with your cut outs, feel free to decorate them with colors, markers, stickers or anything you like. Make it fun and make it your own, remember you’ll be looking at it every day. Ask yourself what you want to see. 

Once you’re done, hang up your vision board wherever you want. Make sure you can see it easily during the week.

At the end of the year, review your dream board and check off all the things you fulfilled. You’ll be surprised by all the things you got done! 

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