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4 Ways to Spend a More Fulfilling Black Friday Weekend

4 Ways to Spend a More Fulfilling Black Friday Weekend

The day after Thanksgiving can easily spiral into overconsumption mayhem. From Black Friday to Cyber Monday adrenaline is high and we’re on shopping overdrive. FOMO is at an all time high! However, let’s be real, much of what is pushed on us are unnecessary goods that create clutter and even unneeded debt. Let’s press pause and really think about how we can make more conscious decisions this holiday season and actually feel more fulfilled. 


You’ve probably thought about volunteering somewhere in one way or the other, but have you ever gone through with it? There are so many ways to help and be a part of your community. Once you start looking you’ll realize how much your city could use your help. Don’t know what to do? Think about a topic you're passionate about and google volunteering opportunities. Ex: your local food bank, pet adoption centers, parks, donation centers (the list is endless). Check out a list of Holiday volunteering opportunities here. 


We get it, shopping after Thanksgiving is almost inevitable. There are some really great deals to take advantage of. HOWEVER, we can totally be conscious of how and where we spend our money. Look for businesses or companies that do more than just sell products. Everlane, an ethical apparel brand, is one example of the many stores that go above and beyond to make conscious decisions within their business model. You’d be surprised at what you can find and maybe some of your favorite brands do more than what you expected! Of course, add supporting LOCAL to this list. The satisfaction of shopping from your community is priceless. Shop small business Saturday from your favorite local boutique, brand or service. It means the world to us!

Check out Houston Blogger Patty Tells All list of local shops to support.


Stop and smell the roses!

Cheesy but true, take a different approach to a day off. Go outside, plan an outdoor activity and enjoy what Mother Nature has for us. Disconnect and be present. Anything from taking a walk at your favorite park to planning a camping trip with the family. That breath of fresh air is definitely good for the soul. 

You just spent a day with all your family, and I don’t know about you, but I have a big family and the day after Thanksgiving is nice to just stay at home and do absolutely nothing. 

Eat some leftovers. Binge watch a show you’ve been wanting to watch or start a holiday movie marathon. Enjoy the day on your couch, in a bath or both but just take the day off as an actual day off. Check out Byrdie's tips on how to create the perfect bath for inspo. 


We all have those jeans that don’t fit like they used to or some  shirt that’s missing a button that “you’ll fix later” (but really has sat in your closet for forever). Use this Friday to clean out your closet and reorganize! Donate those good pieces of clothing…  you know if you haven’t worn them by now, you’re never going to wear them. Just go for it without looking back! Our friends at Asch Building are hosting a Sew and Swap event. They’ll add that missing button, repair and renew your items, for free! There will also be a free community clothing swap.


If you haven’t done any of the above, we challenge you to step outside your typical post- Thanksgiving routine and start a new tradition. How do you see yourself making a change?

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